District 7255 has received a request for help from our fellow rotarians from the Philippines who visited us in 2018. There was a major hurricane that devastated their town of Lloilo on December 23, 2019 and many people lost their homes. They are asking for shelter boxes, which can provide shelter to 10 people, to help provide shelter to families affected by this disaster. The cost of one shelter box is $1000.  PDG Gabor Karsai is coordinating the relief effort.
Pictures of the devastation in the Philippines.
Please visit the following link to find out how a shelter box can help them: https://youtu.be/nyM_sk8tjEo
Visit their website at https://www.shelterboxusa.org/
A message from Bill Tobin from ShelterBox USA
The year 2020 marks the 20th Anniversary of the founding of ShelterBox. Over the past two decades ShelterBox has responded to over 300 disasters in 100 countries and assisted over 1.5 Million people with emergency shelter and other vital items to repair homes and restore families.
I would like to share with you three milestones from 2019:
2019 was the 12th year in a row where we provided shelter to over 10,000 households. Thanks to support from Rotary Clubs and individuals ShelterBox has helped over 10,000 households each year since 2008. This past year, ShelterBox responded to 11 disasters across 9 countries and provided aid to 145,000 people in nearly 30,000 households. Seven of our responses were to natural disasters and four to help families displaced by conflict.
ShelterBox was nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for work in areas of conflict. Historically, 30% of our responses are to people being displaced due to conflict. In the Lake Chad region, we have been responding to conflict since 2008 and we have been responding to the Syrian crisis since 2012. Our aid enables refugee families to create a space to call home. ShelterBox provides shelter, cook sets, solar lights, blankets, water filters, mosquito nets and much more. Meet Hawa,
Hawa is originally from Nigeria, she was forced to flee her home with her daughter when Boko Haram violently attacked their village. The attackers killed her husband in front of her. They opened fire on him without pity, a memory that remains in her thoughts every day. “I still have that image in my mind. I can remember my husband, when he touched me, he just asked me to take the child, who was crying of fear, and run as fast as possible”, said Hawa.
When she first arrived in Minawao, Cameroon, a refugee encampment, her first days were difficult, “I was so afraid. I could not imagine that I would spend even a single night there. It was overcrowded and noisy with children crying. We really wanted to go back home, but it was impossible”, she said.
It wasn’t long before Hawa and her daughter received a ShelterBox tent. From that moment, she said her life became totally different, “Our nights became a lot more peaceful.” Hawa and her daughter were given other essential aid items which helped to improve their living conditions. She said she is beginning to feel at home living in the camp. “Minawao is now our village. My daughter has some friends and I also have some”. She concluded by saying, “l am grateful for all you have been doing for us, Thank you very much ShelterBox.”
Three-year renewal of our Rotary International Project Partnership. ShelterBox was founded by a Rotary Club. Our staff and volunteer base are primarily comprised of Rotarians. In 2012 we became the first Rotary International Project Partner for global disaster relief. Our decision to deploy and our partnership with Rotary helps us to reach the poorest countries where disasters seldom get international media attention. Ninety percent of our responses to natural disasters involve Rotarian assistance in the affected areas. In December 2019, the Rotarians and ShelterBox Response team members pictured below distributed aid to over 2,500 families in Northern Samar, Philippines, after Typhoon Kammuri destroyed or damaged homes.
As ShelterBox moves into our 3rd decade of disaster relief I hope your club will consider partnering with us. We need volunteers in your area to help spread the word about the work we do so more Rotarians, Clubs and those outside Rotary can learn about the impact our partnership makes in the world. We need HERO clubs to enable us to reach more families who have lost everything to a disaster. To become a HERO club, visit www.shelterboxusa.org/hero for more on volunteering visit www.shelterboxusa.org/actiontoolkit.
Thank you, and best wishes for 2020.
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